While thinking we were ready to build a pool 3 years ago, we had Paul and three more contractors come Out for bids. We instantly liked Paul and his knowledge of pool building. We decided to do a house addition and put the pool on the back burner. So, when the time came at the beginning of this year that we were ready to build our pool, we only called Paul back to our house, not anyone else. He really took the time to look over the plan we had sketched out. Then before we knew it, we had machinery here to start!

Freezing temperatures, sleet, and wind did not stop these guys! Jerry was very good at having everything planned out on a timely fashion! He and Paul answered my gazillion questions every day’ I loved that they explained everything that was going on to us.

Everyone at Trinity Valley Pools is extremely nice and makes you feel welcome. This has been a very satisfying construction experience. We now have a beautiful pool that we are anxious to swim in when the weather gets warm!

We definitely recommend Trinity Valley Pools to anyone who is thinking about building a pool!