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Interior Finishes

Trinity Valley Pools & Spas offers over a hundred different varieties of interior choices for you to choose from. We recommend and use interior finish materials from Finest Finish Pools.

Jewels For Pools Series Enhanced with Pebble Radiance™Jewels-for-Pools-logo2

Is the ultimate in color reflection. This blend of iridescent, multi-hued, vibrant gem-like glass combined with nature’s own blend of mini pebbles, abalone shell and rich pigments turn this pebble pool finish from ordinary to extraordinary.

Radiant Fusion™ Series Radiant-Fusion

The newest innovative most modern blend available in today’s market. We use the smallest sized micro pebble enhanced with the radiant brilliance of iridescent, multi – hued, gem like glass crystals of Pebble Radiance and abalone shell. Vibrant water hues and ultra smooth finish completes the look and feel of this new interior pool finish.


Arctic Coast SeriesArctic-Coast-Logo1

A polished blended interior surface. Natural aggregates, angled colored glass crystals and abalone shell make this ultimate polished surface sultry and indulging. This polished finish provides a lasting luster that can be enjoyed for many years to come. Choose from a palette of  five vibrant luxurious colors.


Quartz Fusion™ Series QuartsFusion

An ultra-modern blend of the smallest and smoothest micro pebble combined with sparkling abalone shell and 20% quartz crystals in brilliant hues of blue and green. With strength to match its beauty at a PSI of 10950, Quartz Fusion has quickly become a customer favorite. Choose from 5 beautiful colors.


Sparkle Quartz Series Sparkle-QUartz-logo1

A unique blend of 100% quartz sand with a touch of abalone shell sparkle. Sparkle Quartz is exciting; and the smooth reflective eye-catching surfaces holds ones interest. Adding pigments and colored quartz to your pool provides a touch of elegance and refinement that is a great fit for any backyard oasis.


Commercial Quartz Blend Commercial-Quartz-Logo

Is  a commercial grade  50% quartz and 50% ultra white marble sand  blend mixed with    Universal White patented pozzolanic cement with polymer for a finish that is both stunning and durable. This high performance finish is well suited for commercial projects or your backyard oasis. Add colored quartz to   provide a touch of elegance and refinement.


Micro Fusion Series Micro-Fusion-Logo

The newest innovation in interior pool finishes, this modern blend uses the smallest sized micro pebble on today’s market. The ultra silky smoothness and ambiance of dancing abalone shell in your choice with five vibrant colors makes this your next interior pool finish.


Spectrum Series Spectrum-Series-Logo

A high-performance marble plaster containing all-natural black marble sand with a touch of abalone dust. This beautiful yet durable finish creates rich grey tones that will not fade.


Island Series Island-Series-Logo

A premium plaster product stronger than any conventional Plaster out on the market. Finest Finish White with its 98% pure white marble sand is the preferred brand for any commercial and residential pool design. Known for its bright white appearance and silky smooth texture its elegance and refinement can be enjoyed for many years to come. Choose from a palette of designer colors or simply add colored quartz to customize this pool finish.