T.c. Hendrix
Building a pool not only provides years of fun and good health for family and friends, it is an investment in your property. Therefore, choosing the right pool builder is so very important. After visiting with the folks at Trinity Valley in Palestine, talking with friends, and actually visiting completed pools, the choice was clear! This is an amazing company with an amazing staff! From the design phase with Randy, to the construction and start-up phase with Jerry, Brandon, Michael and Josh; we were delighted with the professional yet personnel service, as well as the expertise and courtesy of the sub-contractors.

Of course, being “new” pool owners, we had many questions after the sale, and quickly discovered that their responses were prompt! Answers to any questions are just a phone call away (to any one of the techs), and the store employees are extremely knowledgeable and gracious as well.

If you are considering investing in something that will provide a lifetime of fun for your family, as well as add beauty and value to your property, I highly recommend Trinity Valley Pools. Their expertise, friendly service, and most importantly 26 years in business, has left us feeling secure in our investment, and looking forward to many years of good health and fun in the sun!

Thanks again to owner Paul Higginbotham and Trinity Valley Pools!