In the early part of spring, my husband and I decided to put in a pool in our backyard. After much thought and numerous phone calls to various installers, we decided on Trinity Valley Pools. From the moment we met General Manager, we could tell he was genuinely listening to our concerns and expectations of what we were looking for in an in-ground pool, the General Manager was very patient with us through the process and when Jerry came on board at the time of construction, he too, was very patient, accommodating, and worked very hard to make sure we were pleased with the end result.

Tony has been very helpful, as well in teaching us how to maintain the pool now that it is installed. We feel at ease in the fact that if we have a question, we can call Tony and he will work with us through this initial learning process.

We are so happy with the quality of work, and without reservation, would recommend Trinity Valley Pools to anyone in the future!