The quad system provides four adjustable swim jets for a powerful swim current and can be adjusted to a softer current for beginning swimmers. This system consists of four swim jets controlled by two Quad Swim Jet Systempowerful, commercial swimming pool pumps. Powerful system, for great performance.It is 14′ long and adjustable for advanced, intermediate and beginning swimmers. Perfect for people looking for an amazing workout without the gym, and provides fun for the whole family!

The TidalFit with quad jets provide a full body workout including cardiovascular and upper and lower body strength training, as well as endurance training.

What is the Quad Swim Jet System?

The Quad jets are smaller than and just as powerful as the Dual Badu, but they do not have the patented Badu water intake system. Instead, additional intake areas are needed at different points in the swim spa. These swim jets require two commercial rated swimming pool pumps. Comes with 2.5″ plumbing and dual speed pump for adjustability and powerful performance

Swim Jet Pump Speck 230V 21-80/33G
Hydrotherapy Pump 1.4 HP
Hertz 50
Size 4.27m x 2.31m x 1.38m
Volume 4.542 ltr
Weight (Dry) 907 Kg
Weight (Filled) 5,449 ltr
Heater 3/8.5 KW
Topside Digital LCD
Circulation System Hi-Flow

Standard Features

  • 20″ Cascade waterfall
  • 2 Micron filters
  • Superswim Pro training system
  • Row bars
  • Resistance cords, clips and handles
  • Ankle and waist straps
  • Adjustable circulation system
  • Grab bars
  • Floor sweeper jets


  • Hydrotherapy
  • LED lighting
  • Sound system
  • Nature2
  • Pro Pure Ozone